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Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeships Team,

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Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineering and Manufacturing roles are becoming more and more important by the day. Due to this, you're right to have your head turned by an apprenticeship in one of these sectors.

If you're ready to start making waves in these fields, then you'll be on the right track to do so by doing an apprenticeship.

We're thrilled to offer a wide variety of apprenticeships in the field of Engineering and Manufacturing. You'll find a range of levels and different durations of each training programme.

Be sure to look at all the different routes available below, including opportunities to become a technician, fitter or welder.

Engineering Fitter - Level 3

Fitters may typically have a mechanical, electrical, electronic, control systems, pipe fitting or instrumentation bias or operate across multiple disciplines depending on the type of assembly. To produce or re-furbish the components fitters will interpret drawings/specifications and plan their work, for example ensuring they have the right tools, equipment and resources to complete the task to the required specification. On completion of the task a fitter will hand over the product and prepare the work area for the next task by checking equipment meets the standards required to operate. They may be based in a workshop or clients premises - this may include hazardous environments.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for completion of their work to the required specification and deadlines, in line with quality, health & safety and environmental regulations and requirements, with minimum supervision.

Job roles include:

  • Controls and systems fitter
  • Mechanical fitter
  • Pipe fitter

Duration: 42 months


  • Level 3 Engineering Fitter Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 Advanced Manufacturing Engineering Technical Certificate

Click HERE for more information and to apply.

Engineering Technician (Machinist Pathway) - Level 3

Machinists in the Advanced Manufacturing Engineering sector are predominantly involved in highly skilled, complex and precision work. Work will involve machining components from specialist materials using conventional and/ or CNC machine tools such as centre lathes, vertical and horizontal milling machines, horizontal and cylindrical grinding machines, electro discharge machines, single and multiaxis CNC machine tools centres.

During and on completion of the machining operations they will be expected to measure and check the components being produced and make adjustments to the equipment/programme to ensure components meet the required specification.

Job roles include:

  • Engineering Technician
  • Aerospace Technician
  • Aviation Engineer
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Machinist
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Toolmaker

Duration: 42 months


  • Level 3 Engineering Technician Apprenticeship
  • Level 2 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Development Competence) - Machining

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Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance (light vehicle) Technician - Level 3

A motor vehicle technician services and repairs light vehicles such as cars and vans and works either in dealerships that focus on a particular manufacturer, or for an independent garage that deals with many different types of vehicles. They work on all the systems found within the vehicle.

The technician will work on all the systems found within the vehicle. The day-to-day work ranges from replacing simple parts through to solving complex faults with the use of diagnostic methods and equipment. The tasks faced are constantly changing, driven by the introduction of ever more complex technologies and diagnostic techniques.

Job roles include:

  • Vehicle Technician
  • Vehicle and Maintenance Technician
  • Junior Mechanic

Duration: 36 months


  • Level 3 Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician (light vehicle).
  • F-Gas Certificate

Click HERE for more information and to apply.

Auto Care Technician - Level 2

An Auto-care Technician carries out a range of services and repairs to cars, car derived vans and light goods vehicles, working in an Auto-care or “Fast-Fit” Centre, which may be part of a national chain or operated by a regional/local independent group/owner.

An Auto-care Technician requires a unique combination of technical, retail and customer service skills. They will use a range of tools, measuring and diagnostic equipment to identify & repair simple system faults.

The Auto-care Technician has to demonstrate expertise not only in the technical elements of their role and have a good grasp of the practical and theoretical aspects of the vehicle systems they service, but also needs to have excellent telephone, customer handling (including how to handle difficult customers and deal with customer disappointment) and effective sales skills, as well as strong problem solving and self-organisation skills.

Job roles include:

  • Auto care Technician
  • Automotive Technician
  • Junior Technician

Duration: 30 months

Qualification: Level 2 Auto-Care Technician Apprenticeship

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Metal Fabricator - Level 3

The broad purpose of the occupation is to carry out metal fabrication work using things such as rolled steel joists, columns, channels, steel plate and metal sheet etc.

Work includes manufacturing bridges, oil rigs, ships, petro-chemical installations, cranes, platforms, aircraft, automotive and machinery parts, sheet metal enclosures - anything that can be fabricated out of metal. Fabricators use a large range of metals including steel, aluminium and titanium at a range of thicknesses from 0.5mm up to over 20mm. The size and weight of the fabrications can range from components that can easily be picked up by hand, to massive structures that require several cranes to manipulate.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for the quality and accuracy of their own work whilst ensuring it conforms to a relevant specification such as an engineering drawing or an international standard. Fabricators are also responsible for the health, safety and environmental (HS&E) protection of themselves and others around them.

Job roles include:

  • Metal Fabricator
  • Metal Fabricator Technician
  • Welding Metal Fabricator

Duration: 42 months


Level 3 Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship

  • Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering
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General Welder - Level 2

Welding is a way to make high strength joints between two or more parts. General Welders use high electrical energy to form an arc. Manual dexterity is essential in controlling the arc, which is used to melt metals, allowing them to fuse together to form a structurally sound weld.

Welding is used extensively and in almost every sector of industry. There is a high demand for skilled General Welders in areas such as: automotive, marine, transport, general fabrication, construction and many more. General Welders produce items like components for cars; ships; rail vehicles; simple metallic containers; and steelwork for bridges, buildings and gantries. Welding is a safety critical occupation and every welder takes responsibility for the quality and accuracy of their work. General Welders are required to produce joints that satisfy basic quality standards in order to ensure that the finished products function correctly, contributing to the safety of all and the global quality of life.

Job roles include:

  • Multi-Positional Welder
  • High Integrity Welder or Welding Instruction and Teaching
  • Welding Inspection and Managing
  • Supervising Welding Operations

Duration: 18 months

Qualification: Level 2 General Welder Apprenticeship

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    Lean Manufacturing Operative - Level 2

    A Lean Manufacturing Operative can be required to carry out manufacturing activities on multiple products with different specifications consecutively e.g. automotive manufacturing – Multi models manufacturing results in the manufacturing of different models of vehicle with different specification variants within a high volume environment.

    They will be required to prepare, control, contribute to and complete manufacturing operations, and follow manufacturing processes and standard operating procedures (SOPs) whilst adhering to specific safe working policies & procedures. They will be required to contribute, develop and support improvement in the manufacturing operation using continuous improvement methods, kaizen tools, process visualisation using lean principles and problem-solving tools and techniques.

    They will work closely with stakeholders and will have clear reporting lines to ensure appropriate escalation e.g. team leader, line leader, process leader, supervisor etc. should problems occur within the process.

    Job roles include:

    • Team Member Production
    • Manufacturing Production Operative
    • Manufacturing Assembly Operative
    • Manufacturing Inspection/Quality Assurance Operative
    • Manufacturing Logistics Operative
    • Manufacturing Material Handling Operative
    • Manufacturing Process/Finishing Operative

    Duration: 15 months


    Level 2 Lean Manufacturing Operative Apprenticeships

    • Level 2 Diploma in Manufacturing
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    Engineering and Manufacturing

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